🎉🎶 G.D. Goenka Celebrates Republic Day with Joy and Enthusiasm! 🎉🎶 At G.D. Goenka, we marked the 75th Republic Day with a spectacular assembly filled with music, dance, and patriotic fervor! The event commenced with a heartfelt welcome extended to our esteemed management members, setting the stage for a memorable celebration. Seeking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge and wisdom, we embarked on our journey of honoring our nation's sovereignty. Our talented Goenkans stole the spotlight with mesmerizing music and dance performances, showcasing their creativity and passion for our diverse cultural heritage. Amidst the celebrations, our students delivered inspiring speeches, reaffirming their commitment to uphold the values of democracy and unity. Taking a solemn pledge, they pledged to contribute towards the progress and prosperity of our great nation.