MD Message

MD Message

G D Goenka Public School Sirsa with its motive ‘Higher, Stronger and Brighter’ has aggrandized with its quantum leap in a very short span of time. Its aroma in the ambience has undeniably touched legions of people in this vicinity which compelled me to be the part of its management team. Analogously, it’s acknowledgeable fact that this school stands as a mark for the finest schools not only in the proximity but the remote areas of its environs also as it propagates an environment of ‘thinking out of the box’.

Our valuing every Goenkan as a gift of opportunity who can contribute towards his/her own development with the upliftment of the family, society and ultimately the nation, is the yardstick which makes this institution unparalleled and unprecedented in this belt. Young Goenkans here are like flourishing saplings who are nourished with our incessant endeavour to provide an ample intellectual stimulation to ignite their minds and help them to flower in to responsible aware citizens of tomorrow. Just like plants require pruning, watering and correct environment to get a decisive shape, young minds also need to be tended so that they don't go astray. It is our constant effort to imbibe with in our little Goenkans, values and ethics that they will carry forever.

Keeping this in mind, we get students groomed in a different way, recognize talent in students and enhancing it in a way that every student is able to convert his dreams to realities. Let me assure you that your child here is in safest, competent and professionally experienced hands and urge you to give him/her opportunity to bedazzle the world with his caliber and flair expertly and prudently chiseled here.

Dr. Surinder Goyal